Order of the sons and daughters of mother india

Purpose of order

Members of this Holy Order are dedicated to reinforcing the vision of the destiny of India and America as twin-flame nations for the victory of the planet in the Golden Age. This Order provides an avenue of service for those who feel an inner calling to fulfill their divine plan and balance their karma by breaking the bread of the teachings of the ascended masters with their brothers and sisters in India. This Holy Order strengthens the ties of charity within community among those who are devoted to the cause of Mother India.

Members call to Ascended Master Chananda, Chief of the Indian Council of the Great White Brotherhood to sponsor their work on behalf of his beloved India.

Open to all Keepers of the Flame® in good standing. This order is for those who are dedicated to assisting the Great White Brotherhood to realize the divine plan for Mother India.
  1. To be developed by those who join this Holy Order.
  2. The mission and vision should include concepts from the teachings of ascended masters and any other teaching that pertains to this Holy Order. Following are examples:
  3. Coordinate the divine plan of India and America as one plan.(1)
  4. Members could wear a ring, pendant, medallion or a pin with a ruby stone.
  5. Infuse the hearts of devotees in East and West as the mighty fusion of twin flames.(1)
  6. God victory of the fiery destiny of India and United States through the convergence of the paths of East and West.(2), (3), (4)
  1. Visualize streams of planetary energies perpetually flowing over figure-eight pattern between the twin nations of America (as positive polarity, Alpha) and India (as negative polarity, Omega) through the heart of Sanat Kumara superimposed over devotees' hearts for the transmutation of global karma. (5)
  2. Realize the fullness of fiat (taken from decree 7.06), 'By the Power of the Three-Times-Three, America and India and all are Free' for the transfer of the entire momentum of the ascended masters' teachings to India.(6)
Way of life
  • Daily devotions to Chananda, El Morya, Kuthumi, Babaji, Maha Chohan, Surya, Krishna, Shiva, Ganesha, Laksmi, Kali, Durga and other masters who have sponsored this endeavor for the victory of light in India and America.
  • Members of this order lead by example. They exemplify the standard of the Brotherhood by guarding the light in their four lower bodies by being either married or single and celibate.
  • Weekly attendance at the Saint Germain Service on Saturday. If a member doesn't live near a teaching center or study group he or she may give a two hour service at home based on Church Universal and Triumphant® Services and Rituals Manual.
  • Members could wear a ring, pendant, medallion or a pin with a ruby stone
  1. Decree 20.12, I Ratify the Judgment of Helios, combined with decree 20.09, I Cast Out the Dweller-On-The-Threshold!, decree 20.07, The Judgment Call and decree 0.30, The Solar Ring (7), (8)
  2. Golden mantra to Padma Sambhava, Maha mantra to Krishna, Buddhist and Bija mantras to feminine deities, devotional bhajans.
  3. Decree 7.20, Decree for World Mercy, and devotional songs and rosaries to Mother Mary and Kuan Yin. (9)
  4. The meditation on the Sacred Ritual for the Creation of the Cloud. (10)
  5. Superimpose the map of India over the map of America and make calls to Chananda, El Morya, Kuthumi, Dwal Kul, Serapis Bey, the Great Divine Director and Saint Germain for the coordination of the divine plan for all of India and America as one.(11)
  6. Decree 60.00, Beloved Flame of Resurrection and the "Resurrection" section from decree 1.30, Heart, Head and Hand. (12)
  7. Decrees to violet flame to keep chakras purified. (13)
  8. Partake of Holy Communion at least once a week. Those who do not live near a teaching center or study group may serve Holy Communion at home. Follow the instructions for blessing Holy Communion in the Ashram Rituals booklet by the Ascended Master El Morya.
  1. Study dictations given by the masters addressing the joint destiny of India and America.
  2. Help infuse India with practical spiritual religion by assisting in translating and publishing the teachings of Hinduism and Buddhism in Indian languages as taught by the ascended masters.(14)
  3. Help in ministering and breaking the bread of the teachings of the ascended masters with those who are ready.(15), ( 16)
  4. As representatives of the World Teachers, preach the Word and help others understand the true meaning of the embodiment of Trinity.(17)
  5. Assist in transferring the flame of the practical application of the Law of the Word to the immediate solutions to problems of India.(18)
  1. Guru's Call: "If ever there was a missionary calling to any of you who can perceive the threat to the entire balance of world power, it is in this hour! And the mission is not to the darkest Africa, but to darkest India. For it could be said that India is in her darkest hour in modern time. --- if perchance you, in commemoration of the path of the wise ones of the twentieth century, to make the journey to India where Christ might be born because you come-then I should be eternally grateful." (Chananda, "India in Her Darkest Hour," Pearls of Wisdom,® vol. 24, no. 23, June 7, 1981.)
  2. Chela's Pledge/Vow: You have called me beloved Chananda and I have answered. I give you my life for the Cause of the Great White Brotherhood. I will hold nothing from you and I choose to make your Will my own from this day forward. Joyfully, I shall bear thy cross every day. So help me God!
  3. Decree 7.20, Decree for World Mercy, and devotional songs and rosaries to Mother Mary and Kuan Yin. (9)
Charity Work
  1. Keep the flame for Mother India and offer daily decrees and prayers
  2. Study in the universities of India and assist in opening branches of Montessori International all across India.(20)
  3. Contribute books and other material on teachings (hard copy and electronic formats) for India.
  4. Provide financial support for publishing the teachings, including Pearls of Wisdom® and Keepers of the Flame® lessons, in English language through publishers in India.(21)
Contact Information
  1. For questions or to send your creative ideas for this or other Holy Orders please e-mail HolyOrders@tsl.org.
  2. Or you can contact customer service 1-800-245-5445 or 1-406-848-9500.
  3. All footnotes are referenced on the teachings section.
This order strengthens the ties of charty among those who are devoted to the cause of Mother India