Order of the Emerald Cross - Ascended Master Teachings

The following excerpts are teachings from the Ascended Masters on the Order of the Emerald Cross

Emerald Cross
Lady Master Portia, April 17, 1976

"But, you see, rebellion itself is insanity. Rebellion itself is the open door to that witchcraft which destroys the flame of the Mother within the soul. And inasmuch as the evolutions of Terra have demonstrated the terror of their rebellion for generations, you can calculate that the returning karma of the Dark Cycle coming from the astral plane is calculated to produce a great deal of misery and of suffering and of torment.

And therefore, Jesus comes to the City of the Angels with his legions of angels to rescue the souls. Let them pursue balance in life. Let them be taught correct habits of eating and sleeping and communion, and of exercise, and of the movement of the mind and of the cycles of the days and the weeks. Let the Keepers of the Flame be ministers unto all life.

And now let the Order of the Emerald Cross be established as the sign of the coming of Mary, the Mother of Christ, and her consort, Raphael the Archangel, to the City of the Angels to establish a focus of healing for all who will come not only for the teaching but to touch the hem of the garment of the Divine Mother. And let those who would serve this order refine within themselves that powerful momentum of healing which Jesus carried in his garment. And let the Keepers of the Flame realize, that where there is the spark of life there is hope. And where there is hope there is hope of the will of God and the will to be whole. And where there is even a spark of the will to be whole, there is a tie-in for the action of healing.

Those who lack this hope and this sense of life must be opened by love, as the sun shines upon the floral kingdom. So the bud of conscious-ness, by the nurturing love of the Christ, must be opened so that the light of healing might enter there.

Your Messenger could recount to you so many experiences with the work she has done with the discarnates and those who are imprisoned on the astral plane without physical bodies, and the calls and invocations that the Messengers have made to the Archangels for the cutting free of these souls. As in the sermon of Jesus, they are dazed, they are dull, they are drugged and they have not the awareness of knowing that they need the healing light of the Christ.

And so, blessed are they who reach out for the hand of God, of life, of Christ and Buddha and of Mother. Blessed are they who understand that healing requires transformation, that one cannot be healed and retain one's former consciousness, for the two concepts are contradictory. Healing is the impartation of wholeness.

How often he said, "Be thou made whole!" For the wholeness of the four lower bodies in alignment is the open door for the flow of light that will continue to heal day by day, month by month, until the whole man is made whole.

And therefore, your calls for the freeing of those who are incarcerated in many ways should be for the binding of the entities of rebellion, for rebellion is the wedge of all that transpires that is out of balance. Every form of insanity has its origin in rebellion and in the karma of rebellion. And therefore our sympathy is never with the carnal mind in rebellion that is enmity with God, but our compassion is with the soul buried within and beneath the rubble of the consequences of this chaos and confusion. Our compassion is with the flame in the heart that is God. Our compassion is with the Christ crucified by the fallen ones who abuse the consciousness of those who have gone their separatist ways in past incarnations.

Let us, then, throw the spear to puncture the forcefield of planetary rebellion. And let it puncture that substance that has been a pall upon mankind for generations. Let those who would be healers of mankind take up this torch, for it is part of the initiation of the crucifixion of the Mother. For the four lower bodies of a planet and a people are the Mater-realization of the God Flame. They are the Mother, and the Mother aspect must be made whole that the spirit of fire might once again return to the altar.

And so the healing of the Gadarene demoniac, who came to the fullness of the awareness of Christ, was one of the great miracles. It was proof that the Christ in the Son of God is able to cast out the foreigners who invade the temple of the Lord and is able to rebuild that temple from the foundation to the superstructure.

The building of the temple in this age was the great dream of your Messenger Mark, and the building of the temple is the building of the body of man line by line. And as you have selected a place for the house of the Mother and the house of the Buddha and the house of the university, you will enter into that great ritual of the building of the temple.

The rebuilding of the four lower bodies is the exercise, the sacred ritual anchored in the physical of the alignment of the cube of consciousness. Most among mankind and the disciples require the plumb line of truth for the alignment of consciousness. And you have heard of all the world being a little bit queer except thee and me, and perhaps sometimes thee and me also a little bit queer. And you realize that there are moments in the life of everyone when distortion occurs and people see as though they were seeing through the astral sea. And in fact they do see through the astral sea, and it does distort life and judgment. And pride also distorts judgment and ambition, and misuses of every chakra. And therefore, you see, it is only a question of degree. And, after all, can you not say that the folly of following the downward spiral of darkness is insanity itself? Consider, then, the madness of those who are on the mad pace of survival on Terra, survival only of the physical body at the expense of all else.

Therefore, then, as you come to the place where you are balancing greater quantities of karma, personal and planetary, you come to the supreme testing of the avatars where your assignment after having balance* 51 percent of your karma is to then begin to work away at the trans-mutation of the entire astral plane as well as your own astral body.

I tell you that the reason that the Lords of Karma gave the dispensation for the ascension of souls after the balance of 51 percent is because the next 24 percent is entirely the descent into the astral plane and this is an even greater challenge than the balancing of the first 51 percent. And so many among mankind who were pursuing the Path, when they came to that level of transmutation, fell back and lost even the 51 percent that they had gained, so treacherous is the walk in the labyrinth of the astral plane.

And now you have been called by Lanello to make your mark, perfection's mark, and to shoot the arrow for the completion of the balance of 100 percent of your karma that you might set a good example for the age. And therefore I give to you the admonishment of the Karmic Board that if you will remain after that line of 51 percent, you must take care to see that you hold fast what you have received from God. Let every Keeper of the Flame hold fast to the torch of life and keep that flame through the dark hours of the dark night of the soul, passing through those places on the astral where mankind are at the lowest levels of self-awareness.

Let, then, the Order of the Emerald Cross be those who will invoke the emerald ray from the heart of Cosmos and Cyclopea and Raphael and Mary and Hilarion and Pallas Athena and the Maha Chohan, the sponsors of this order, and who will invoke the angels of truth and healing and science.

The requirement for serving in this order is to keep your four lower bodies charged and full of that emerald frequency so that you always have a greater light within you than the darkness which contacts you, so that you are never depleted by the crowds who are milling, who are seeking the source of that light and that truth that will make them free. You must know how to charge the batteries of the chakras with the healing light, to keep them replenished, to know when to withdraw to fast and to pray and to be recharged, and when to come forth to give of that light.

And therefore, if you will look with your inner sight, you will see a giant emerald cross suspended over the City of the Angels. It has thirty three emeralds in the cross, and it is truly the cross of white fire of the overcomers of the path of science and truth and healing love.

So let it be for the healing of this nation and every nation. Let it be the manifestation of the leaves of the tree of your Causal Body, the combined momentum of the members of the Great White Brotherhood ascended and their unascended chelas, that the emerald ray, the emerald cross and its stones be the focalization of the attainment of the green band of the Causal Body of all who make this their mandala, this, the mandala of the Mother.

I am Portia, Goddess of Opportunity. I ask you to write to me a letter expressing your desire for opportunity to serve so that I may present to the Lords of Karma your options, your expressions of love for Saint Germain and for brother and sister on the Path. I am, in love, your Mother of opportunity.”

God and Goddess Meru, April 18, 1976

“We herald the day from our retreat in the Island of the Sun at Lake Titicaca. We herald the day of the coming of the Christed ones. And therefore we call the chosen ones of earth's evolutions, all who have chosen to be the will of God, the perfection of God, the diamond-shining Mind of God. We come surrounded by angels of motherhood and angels of fatherhood, angels of birth, angels of victory and light, angels of the Lords of Mind and the Lords of Form, the Lords of Creation and the Lords of Individuality.

We come to make the crooked way straight. We come to make straight the paths of deviation from the manifestation of the Christ. And the making straight of the lines and forcefields of consciousness is wholly a matter of alchemy because that which has gone out of the way of Christhood knows not that it is out of the way. And therefore it cannot be self-healed although it may be self-appealed to the great Creator of life in the sense of knowing that all is not well with the body and the soul and the mind. And yet, at least three-quarters among mankind know not that their temples, that their chakras, that the flow of energy within them has long ago departed from the sacred covenants of the laws of God. Therefore you have heard the announcement of the founding of the Order of the Emerald Cross.

Therefore you have heard that the angels of deliverance come with healing in their wings. You also must join these angels of deliverance. You must call for the alignment. This alignment includes the straightening of the axis of the earth in the physical plane. It calls for the balancing of the cycles and of flow in the chakras of the Elohim within the planetary body. It calls for the balance of light in East and West.

It calls for the balance of the Christ flame in government. It calls for the reign of the Prince of Peace at the head of every nation. And to that end beloved Saint Germain anchored the flame of freedom in the capitols of the nations. This was to anchor the blueprint for the seventh race, not only the soul blueprint of the Christed ones but the blueprint of their culture, the flowers, the petals, the setting for the jewel of the consciousness of the Great Divine Director and his divine consort.”

Saint Germain and Omega, May 19, 1976
“Let it be known, then, that there are intelligences, Masters, Ascended an unascended, at etheric planes, working in the Order of the Emerald Cross who will give counseling, who will give understanding to souls such as […]. And when this one awakens from the sleep of rest, as surcease from all strife, he will be given, then, an awareness and an analysis of his own failure to understand the flame of life and its inherent oneness. He will be given the outline of his own failures in the test of the ten, his failure to make the commitment to serve as he would be called to serve. With healing love, with counsel, so line by line the understanding will be imparted, and then after this sojourn in the etheric temples he will, shortly and swiftly, be given the opportunity to reincarnate, to stand and face and conquer exactly where he found himself in the hour of that desecration of the Mother and the God flame. Because he placed himself outside of the sphere of commitment, so at that point he must return and make his way back to the physical retreat of the Ascended Masters.”
Lady Master Portia, September 17, 1976

“Let the souls of the beloved of Afra draw forth now the light of the I AM Presence. Let the Christ Self draw nigh to this, thy people. Let there be a reestablishment of individual self-worth. Let there be the reestablishment of the Christ consciousness. Let each individual know himself then as a child of God first, as emerging with the sons and daughters of God. Let each child know himself as the one that is becoming the example of the Christ to all. Let the consciousness of worthlessness, of condemnation, and accusation leveled against the children of God throughout the earth, let it be lifted from this people and this continent, and let elemental life join hands with the souls of these children, and let them rejoice in the flame of freedom that has become through my hand this day the flame of opportunity to all.

So as you confirm the light within you, as you work the works of God in man day and night, as you espouse work as the virtue and as expansion, you will find the alchemy of change manifesting in many ways. Sometimes as the bringing forth and the exposure of corruption, sometimes as chaos, sometimes as cataclysm, sometimes as change in conditions of weather, but always and always the flame of Mother accompanied by the violet flame is moving toward the ultimate destiny and the divine plan of a continent and a people.

I AM Portia. I stand sponsoring you also as I have sponsored Keepers of the Flame in the United States to be partakers of the Order of the Emerald Cross, and I send to you also each day the angels of justice who will come to awaken you in the early hours of the morning to call you to a new day of opportunity to be love in manifestation. Call then to Portia as you call to Saint Germain. Call to the legions of angels, and call for God-justice in your life. Then I will send my flame and the rain of mercy. Then I will send the winds of the Holy Spirit. Then I will send the scales of justice for the judgment, and when the judgment comes into your life as the Holy Spirit, you will find the darkness and light is separated, and you will see that darkness for what it is and you will say, "Be cast into the flame!" and you will see the light of your actions, past and present, and you will say, "By God's grace I AM that light. By God's grace let the I AM THAT I AM in me multiply that light. Let the Christ multiply it, and let the flame of freedom come forth to consume every lesser manifestation."

Each time you call for the judgment there is the separation, the separation of the milk and the cream of consciousness. And so in the separation, the dividing of the way, there is the resurrection, there is the ascension, there is the transfiguration, and that portion of the self which is designed by God to live forevermore in his kingdom will rise into that consciousness, and that portion of the self that is designed to die daily will die daily, and one more aspect of the lesser self will go into the flame.

Therefore is the judgment the greatest gift of love to the children of God and the greatest gift of love to the fallen ones, for the time of the judgment brings to them the shortening of the days of their evil ways so that they are not allowed to continue to make that karma that will eventually result in the second death, the very death of the soul. The judgment then is the highest love of God. Let the children of God rejoice in this judgment. Let them be alive! Let them be quickened! Let them live forevermore!

Behold, I AM Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending. I AM alive forevermore within you. So be it in the flame of Afra.”

Servatus, April 6, 1977

“You will understand, then, that according to the cosmic clock as it is taught to you by Mother Mary, that the perversions of these hierarchies involve all that leads to death and the death consciousness--anxiety and fear and doubt and every manifestation of injustices, including the injustices which mankind have practiced against their own body temple, hence, the flame of the Holy Spirit that burns within that temple. They have counseled me, then, to speak to you of the great need for all Keepers of the Flame to consider their role in the Order of the Emerald Cross.

You need not be a doctor or a nurse or a healer or anyone who has before this moment concerned himself with healing. You need have only the desire to keep the flame while the evolutions of earth go through this two-fold activity. First, the bringing forth again of the records of the misuses of science on Atlantis in the very laboratories today of those scientists of Atlantis who have reincarnated and who are performing the same experiments which they did in those last days; and second, you have the return of that energy of mankind's karma that goes back many thousands of years of the misuse of this light of the Emerald Ray.”