Order of the Diamond Heart - Ascended Master Teachings

The first recorded mention of the Diamond Heart and its establishment of it was by Mother Mary in 1958. 

"Let the Christ in you magnetize those individuals, those loving and willing and worthy and capable chelas whom you require and, more importantly, that the Ascended Masters El Morya and Saint Germain require to create a planetary Diamond Heart of spiritual freedom. Yes, though we cover this planet round, though we bring angels into the atmosphere of earth, a Diamond Heart which is the center of the spiritual foundation which is the be the predominant focus for the next two thousand years shall be sustained, for I, Mary, established the beginning of it."
Mother Mary
Pearls of Wisdom, Vol. 30 no. 23, n.9
August 15, 1959

In 1960 Kuthumi mentioned the Order of the Diamond Heart in the Corona Class Lessons.

"Those who understand the need for an organization to serve as a framework or structure through which the Ascended Masters and their chelas can function, those who can also understand that some organizations once under our guidance have suffered from the hardening of their spiritual arteries and are no longer entirely useful to us, will then lovingly and joyously give their obedience to the Light and will offer themselves to be the backbone, the heart, and the radiance of our purpose to externalize the Christ Light and to teach all peoples how to do likewise-especially those who seek and want the whole Truth. Thus, our diamond heart will be God-chosen and it shall manifest to the benefit of all."
Pearls of Wisdom
Vol. 3, no. 49, December 2, 1960

In 1987, Mother Mary asked for the reactivation of this Order.

"I am therefore unto you a representative of the Divine Mother and of the path of the Diamond Heart. This path of the Divine Mother as the path of the Diamond Heart has been espoused by the beloved El Morya. El Morya does teach this path of devotion to the will of God by that Diamond Heart to each and every one of his chelas. Therefore you who have been in his retreat in the etheric octave in Darjeeling have heard much about this.

"I come to tell you in this hour of this year's Christ Mass and the celebration of the birth of my Son that El Morya does call you and call you again to be a part of his order in which I join him, the Order of the Diamond Heart. This order, beloved, is dedicated to the giving of one's heart to form the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Whereas one individual may not be able to bear that Sacred Heart alone, many who pledge to bear it may become components of the one great heart of our Lord. It is the same principle of the Body of God upon earth, many members but one Body. Thus, many hearts also form one Diamond Heart.

"This Diamond Heart is Christ's own heart of the will of God. Nothing can withstand it, for its Light intensity is greater than all Darkness of the dark ones in the earth. Blessed ones, through the ages the saints have been called to give their lives for the saving of the Church or the nation or the community or the planet. This my Son also did, but the giving of his life was in living and not in dying, and the shedding of his Blood was not in dying but in living. For the immortal Light that does flow from his heart is a stream that never ends but does fill every Communion cup on earth.

"Understand this principle, beloved, that in this hour two thousand years hence all disciples of Jesus Christ upon earth are called to be a portion of that Diamond Heart."
Mother Mary
Pearls of Wisdom, Vol. 30, no. 83
December 25, 1987

 Pledge of the Devotee of the Diamond Heart